Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Promise...

This monkey made itself comfortable on the ruins of the Tughlaqabad Fort in south-east Delhi on a hot grey and listless day.

Hi, apologies for being away for a long time. When I had started the blog, I sincerely had no plans of being away for such a long time.

During the past couple of months, I was struggling because I was up against a trickle of ideas. Then the inexplicable happened. Hard thinking put me on the track to a flood of ideas but then putting those ideas on paper and, well, finding the time to click was the other hurdle.

So, to make myself more visible and be able to sustain the blog, I set out mulling over schemes that would enable me to put up posts every now and then without putting in much of an effort. To be true to all of you, and myself too, I am neither trying to wriggle out of my blog nor am I trying to be a shirker. I am only aiming to make myself more efficient in being able to both click and write. As the wise management guys say: "Don't work hard. Work smart." I am not sure if these wisecracks work in real life.

The silhouette of two doves coochie-cooing on the scaffolding and its attachments at Humayun's tomb. To spot the monument, tilt to your left. You will see the building when you fall off the chair.

When I started the blog, I had a single aim - put up more photos and less of writing. The photos had to say something, which in my case had to be on issues of development, poverty, people, governance, environment and greens, water and its management. But then I had to substantiate those with pictures as well. So, yolking the two remains a bit of a challenge if I do it along with half-a-dozen of my other activities.

Therefore, one of the brilliant ideas I hit upon was to put a photo of the week. That set me on another level - should I actively seek out worthwhile photos every week or should I put up stock photographs as well. But then these could be a couple of years old while the term 'photo of the week' conveys a newsy message. Anyway, I am still to resolve the debate. If you have been better than me on this issue, do let me know.

This heron makes the stone railing as its thinking perch. The bird did not move a bit despite a considerable presence of visitors and tourists.

If I have set you thinking, "where are this guy's flood of ideas that he mentions in paragaraph 2, line 2?"
Well here they are:

1- Pictures from Alwar villages, Rajathan.
2-Photos from intimate theatre that I got to see and participate in (as an audience and photographer) last week.
3-Some bits of text and photos of the flower markets in Delhi which are to be relocated.

4-Then there are some that I have forgotten. But... don't worry, I will remember them soon enough. :-)

For the moment I thought it would be a good idea to at least put up an image of mine. I knew I had a few good shots of myself taken by photographer friends and colleagues, but I could not trace those folders.

So, I finally did locate them. Today.
And I promise to be more regular.
To atone for my disappearances, a bouquet of imported lilies for you.

These marvellous lilies, imported from a South East Asian country, spread cheeer at the Mehrauli flower market in south Delhi.

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anamika said...

picture number 2 is the one of the best fotos of birds I hv seen